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Elevation Bituin Elixir

Elevation Bituin Elixir


Sacral Chakra. Reclaiming joy and divine purpose. 

Elixirs of azurite, botswana agate, covellite, garnet, phrenite, ruby.

Elevation Elixir is for reclaiming joy and divine purpose. Indicated for the Sacral Chakra. This blend contains Azurite gem elixir to ground our communication so that we can share authentically and with gentleness. Botswana Agate releases emotional repression and assists in moving us past blame toward solutions. Phrenite opens us to new meanings, ideas, and opens insight towards wisdom and enlightenment. Ruby increases circulation and flow of earth energy upward through the chakras. Garnet clears and balances chakras, transmutes negative energy into positive, increases loving energy and life force. Covellite heightens awareness of our sensitivity, our vulnerability and opens us to receiving love towards building inner strength and clarity. The Seed of Life as the universal symbol of creation allows us to hold all these complex energies simultaneously while moving us towards positive transformation. 


Bituin Elixirs support sophisticated shifts in perspective, allowing you to hold more complexity with ease. Each flower or gem carries its own unique crystalline imprint. When combined, the resulting sacred vibrational geometries heighten inner awareness that supports deep healing resulting in change and growth of consciousness.


Bituin Elixirs are tools for both professional and personal use: 

  • for mind-body practitioners/coaches who facilitate releasing, clearing, balancing of emotional spiritual and energetic blocks; and,
  • for those engaged in self-reflective practices, including writing, meditation, visioning, reiki and EFT/Tapping for additional support in releasing negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, past life and ancestral trauma, and moving towards new ways of being.


How to use:

Place 1 drop under the tongue of 1 or 2 elixirs:

  • During times of inner work including identifying and reflecting on childhood, past life and ancestral trauma
  • During emotionally charged moments
  • At times when you are taking a leap and stretching into a new, up-leveled you
  • As you state your affirmations or review your life goals
  • Use 1 drop of all six elixirs for general support up to 6 times a day


Use Bituin Elixirs in spray form to integrate energies in the various chakras as a powerful adjunct to your reiki/energy/bodywork practice. Dr. Chris Lipat uses these spray Elixirs regularly in practice to assist patients in transforming emotional and spiritual challenges into more harmonious frequencies of light.


Grape alcohol (brandy) is used as a preservative. If sensitive to alcohol, or to enjoy the topical healing effects of the elixirs, drop the liquid onto pulse points, chakras, your epsom bath, your essential oil diffuser, your home altar, as an offering to sacred sites (if appropriate), or add 10 drops per ounce of water and spray into your energy field.  


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